Venchiaredo is a Friulian dairy plant

specialised in the production

Venchiaredo is a Friulian dairy plant specialised in the production of fresh cheese, with operations based in Ramuscello, Sesto al Reghena in the province of Pordenone, Italy.

The important experience gained over many years of activity in the dairy sector makes Venchiaredo a reference point for the modern consumer and a valuable partner for large distribution chains.


Secure a growing number of consumers with high quality, wholesome and reliable fresh cheese products, with a focus on service and innovation, yet always respectful of the traditions and of the Friulian territory in which the products are born, making the most of the exceptional quality of milk supplied by members of the Cooperative.

the distinctive characteristics.

control of the supply chain
Venchiaredo is firmly anchored to the livestock sector through the Venchiaredo Cooperative, which collects the raw material and delivers it on a daily basis to the dairy plant in Sesto al Reghena. The comprehensive management of the overall supply chain allows Venchiaredo to focus its business culture on quality and on the safety of products.

territorial ties
The Venchiaredo supply chain relies exclusively on the Friulian territory. A region with a deeply rooted agricultural vocation, proudly tied to a heritage of centuries-old traditions and ancient history, evidence of which can be found everywhere. The milk produced here offers excellent nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, the direct result of environmental conditions that positively affect the nutrition and the quality of life of the cows.

Product quality
For Venchiaredo, product quality represents a distinctive feature, rooted in the process management system, which follows the product step by step, from its origin to the consumer's table.

The capacity for innovation represents one of Venchiaredo’s key strengths, founded on an organisational culture open to new ideas.

quality and certifications.

Each and every day, strict controls are carried out, managed by a team of competent professionals and supported by various accredited laboratories.

The chemical, microbiological and organoleptic tests ensure full compliance with the “Venchiaredo Control and Quality Assurance Plan”, throughout the production chain. In recognition of this strong commitment, Venchiaredo has chosen to operate in full transparency through voluntary certifications:

International Food Standard (IFS)

The IFS is one of the most prominent standards in Europe for qualifying large-scale suppliers with the goal of ensuring that products are manufactured in compliance with the applicable food safety requirements.

Logo IFS

Cheese production from organic farming

Compliance with the requirements set out by EC Regulation 834/2007 concerning organic production is guaranteed with the certification issued by the ICEA control body.

Logo Bio

The AQuA Mark of Quality

Italian acronym for Agriculture, Quality and Environment, AQuA is the voluntary and collective mark of quality of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, established in accordance with Regional Law No. 21/2002 and managed by theERSA (Regional Agency for Rural Development). The AQuA certification is based on the Regulations governing the use of the trade mark (ERSA Directorate General Decree No. 138/2012 and FVG Regional Council Resolution No. 1745/2012) and on the Technical Production Specifications which associated organisations must abide by.


Venchiaredo in numbers.


Farms in the region that supply the milk.


largest producer of
stracchino cheese in Italy.


60 Km
the maximum distance of the farms with respect to the dairy production facilities.


5.500.000 Kg
kg the quantity of stracchino cheese produced in 2014.


30.000.000 Kg
of milk processed in 2014.


total annual turnover in 2014.


8.000 m²
the surface area of the facilities used for the production of stracchino cheese.


producer of stracchino cheese for Private Labels.


years of experience in the fresh / soft cheese sector.


market share in the stracchino cheese sector, within the scope of Private Labels.


over 17.000
analytical controls per year
carried out at the two on-site laboratories.