our story.
Venchiaredo was founded in 1968, inspired by a group of Friulian farmers
intent on joining forces.

At the beginning, the dairy’s operations were diversified: Montasio, ricotta, mascarpone, mozzarella, malga, caciotta, casatella, stracchino, italico, taleggio, butter. Over time, the company transformed itself from a small artisanal production to a reference point in the Friulian agri-food sector, and later at the national level.
The growth of the company can be attributed, in particular, to the decision to specialise in the production of soft cheeses such as Stracchino and Crescenza and to the strategy focused on working for third parties. During the late 1990s, the company stood among the first operators in the sector to begin private-label production, specialising in dairy production on behalf of major national and foreign distributors.

The year 2006 marks the beginning of a new journey. Aware of the need to rationalise and streamline individual technical competencies in order to effectively address increasingly globalised and demanding markets, the company restructured itself into two distinct and synergistic corporate realities: the Venchiaredo Cooperative, which manages the relationship with member producers, dealing with the primary sector and above all the production of milk, and Venchiaredo S.p.A., company that specialises in the processing and marketing of the finished product, while taking advantage of highly innovative technologies.
In October 2007, the Company started its first production in the new facilities, relying on the introduction of new technologically advanced milk processing equipment for the production of fresh, soft cheese.
In 2010, the company joined Emmi Holding Italia, the Italian subsidiary of the multinational Swiss dairy enterprise, one of the leaders in the industry at the international level. This operation allowed Venchiaredo to reinforce its position in the dairy market, thanks to the strength of the Swiss company in terms of marketing and distribution.
The definitive renewal of the plant was completed during the 2013 – 2014 period, with the creation of the new stracchino cheese packaging department characterised by a high level of automation.


The Venchiaredo Foundation Cooperative is formed, with the goal of producing milk, processing it into cheese and selling the finished products on the market.


Introduction of the plant with a production capacity of 30 tons of milk processed per day.


Specialisation in the production of fresh cheeses (mozzarella and stracchino) and in co-packing.


Market leader within the context of private labels for the production of stracchino cheese.


Venchiaredo decides to reorganise operations into two distinct and synergistic corporate realities:
the Venchiaredo Cooperative (production and provision of milk) and Venchiaredo Spa (processing and sales of manufactured products).


Implementation of new facilities dedicated to the production of stracchino cheese and start-up of production with the new fully automated equipment.


Partnership with EMMI ITALIA.


Reorganisation of production assets with a focus on stracchino cheese, through renovation of the old area of the establishment and implementation of advanced portioning / packaging technologies characterised by a high level of automation.


Beginning of process leading to the certification of Venchiaredo IGP stracchino cheese.