our investment.
The Venchiaredo company has chosen a strategy focused on specialisation, dedicating its operations exclusively on the production of fresh cheeses.

The milk processing equipment used by the dairy plant corresponds to the most advanced technologies available on the market in terms of automation and innovation, in order to ensure absolute quality and safety along all stages of the production process. These are the conditions that help guarantee customers the exceptional genuineness, freshness, nutritional quality and organoleptic excellence of the Venchiaredo dairy products.
The Company’s investments concerning the renewal of its facilities and equipment are focused on ensuring a high production capacity and above all, a high and constant quality standard of the cheese produced at any point of the year.

the production facilities.
The new stracchino production facilities ensure that the transformation processes are carried out in maximum safety in terms of sanitation.
Air conditioned facilities, bacteriological air filtration, overpressure systems for unidirectional air outflow, complete separation of the various processing areas based on different levels of risk, linear flows of production, are factors that help guarantee a safe product with a long shelf life.

Production Flow.


Friulian milk is characterised by excellent organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

Maturation of milk

The maturation of the milk before the processing that enhances the aromatic notes typical of Venchiaredo Stracchino cheese.


The simple, genuine recipe, handed down from generation to generation, which preserves a unique and remarkable heritage of cheesemaking wisdom and tradition.


The preparation of lactic ferments, using the milk sourced by our cooperative allows us to maintain and enhance a sensory profile that only fresh milk supplied by farms in our area can provide.


A very slow acidification of the curd, which contributes to ensuring a sweet and delicate taste and to the particularly creamy consistency characteristic of Venchiaredo Stracchino cheese.


Coagulation that relies on reduced amounts of rennet characterising a typically lactic process (slightly acidic) rather than based on rennet (neutral).

Production facilities

Modern and highly advanced production facilities, a one of a kind setup that allows us to guarantee exceptional levels of qualitative consistency.


A strictly controlled stewing process relying on the use of a maturation tunnel and a high level of automation, which allows for refining the quality of Venchiaredo Stracchino cheese.


The salting phase by immersion into continuously treated brine using a sophisticated microfiltration system, to ensure high levels of microbiological quality.


Maturation of the product in rooms with strictly controlled environmental conditions (temperature, relative humidity, air quality), in order to enhance the sensory profiles characteristic of Venchiaredo Stracchino cheese.


The packaging, phase, relying on the use of automated machines and subject to protective atmospheres designed to ensure the highest qualitative standards of Venchiaredo Stracchino.