Since its early days, the activities and achievements of the Venchiaredo company have been driven by the following guiding principles:

• The respect of traditions
• The territorial and cultural heritage
• Operating according to principles of transparency, coherence, ethics
• The role of human resources and passion in daily work
• Attention to the consumer and a focus on human health
• Social responsibility
• Respect for the environment

The Board of Directors has also placed substantial importance on clearly defining the values and principles that guide the action of the Venchiaredo company, in order to ensure that all business activities are carried out in compliance with the relevant standards, within a context of fair competition, honesty, integrity, fairness and good faith, while also respecting the legitimate interests of all stakeholders which Venchiaredo routinely engages and partners with: shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, commercial and financial partners, local communities and institutions.

These values have been outlined in the:

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics represents one of the company’s primary tools in terms of social responsibility. It is a tool that drives the implementation of good practices of conduct, a reference point and a guide for those who work for Venchiaredo and for those who are interested to pursue its mission. It expresses commitments and responsibilities which those who work in Venchiaredo must abide by in order to conduct any business activities.

The code was conceived as a tool that can provide guidance and direction with decisions characterised by a certain level of arbitrariness, which can therefore constitute an ethical risk, in terms of infringements of rights and failure to meet the legitimate expectations of the stakeholders and of the Company itself.

The Venchiaredo Code of Ethics aims to direct and guide the business management according to the ethical values and the principles defined in the Charter of Values, in order to facilitate unequivocal behaviour focused on meeting the needs of stakeholders and the consolidation of a positive corporate reputation.

The code of ethics is based on the principles of:

• Transparency
• Equity
• Fairness
• Cohesion
• Excellence
• Co-operatio

Download the Code of Ethics.